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Property Buyers Academy was formed after two experienced Buyers Agents got chatting about their frustration that, quite simply, there weren’t enough hours to help more people when it came to purchasing property.  Every week, they met either a home buyer or property investor who were confused somewhere along the property purchasing journey.  Sometimes, people were overwhelmed with the process but more often than not, they were heading down the stressful path of significant and costly mistakes.

" As the saying goes, give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; but teach a man to fish and you feed him for life. “

In a bit of an a-ha moment, Linda Blaschka and Jodie Dunstan decided that to be able to help more people, they needed to teach them everything they knew as professional Buyers Agents, so that buyers were more educated and the property playing field was more balanced when it comes to negotiations.  Afterall, not everyone can afford to pay the tens of thousands of dollars to appoint an advocate or professional Buyers Agent. 

With over 40 years collective property investing experience, and over $200 million in purchases within the Australian property market,  Linda and Jodie are committed to teaching as many people as possible how to buy property like a professional. To do this, we want to give buyers the right knowledge to navigate this often complicated landscape.

We are here to help buyers feel in control, with the knowledge and skills and total confidence to buy property and to help as many people as possible achieve financial freedom.

Meet Linda

Licensed Real Estate Agent (Vic)
CertIV Frontline Management

Linda’s love affair with property started when she was 23 years old and has never waned.  Alongside her day job as a teacher, Linda was often found pounding the payment to find yet another property gem to add to her portfolio.  After a while, Linda decided to turn her passion for property into her career.  Starting with property management, Linda transitioned into Buyers Advocacy work where her coaching and mentoring background, combined with her property investing nous lead her to work for one of Australia’s largest and most awarded property investment firms.  

During her time there, Linda purchased an average of 45 properties per year for clients, namely investors looking to build a robust property portfolio. 

Today, having opted for an early retirement, Linda is enjoying her successes as a property investor and now spends her days travelling the world, a luxury afforded to her due to her ability to build a high performing property portfolio.  She is passionate about helping others not just get on the property ladder, but to guide them so that they can build a portfolio which can assist them to achieve their life goals.


Meet Jodie

Licensed Real Estate Agent (QLD)

Bachelor of Business (Acc)

Masters of Business

Jodie’s love for property started early.  After pursuing a career in accounting and gaining her CPA qualifications, Jodie quickly began building her property portfolio.  In fact, without even realising it, she jumped on the property ladder with her first investment property, while renting a property for herself elsewhere…. Long before the term was even coined, she was a rent-vestor!

Fast forward a few years and Jodie’s investment strategy was truly refined.  With investment properties in various locations around the country, and after using renovation as a strategy to increase equity, it wasn’t long before Jodie realised that she earnt more from property (and had a lot more freedom) than from her 9 – 5 job.  

After leaving her full time job and spending time at home with her young family, Jodie decided to turn to property consulting before becoming a Buyers Agent –  working for several property advisory firms before starting her own boutique agency, Beanstalk Properties.  Jodie has helped countless investors and home owners with their property purchases and is passionate about empowering people with the right knowledge to ensure their property investing activities are safe and successful.



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